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Breitner Transcription Services, Inc. is a new breed in the medical transcription industry. We offer the most advanced technology, combined with flexible hands-on customer service resulting in superior, cost-effective medical transcription.  

The company, founded by professionals experienced in healthcare delivery, has developed a customer-focused methodology that addresses the evolving needs of our clients, allowing 24/7 tracking and measurable consistency.  Our successful team has the breadth of hands-on understanding of the processes necessary -- from the physician perspective, to healthcare administration to the actual transcribing and delivery of reports.  We recognize the importance of each step and how it impacts the delivery of reports.

By integrating customized technology with dedicated customer centers, we ensure that your needs are consistently met twenty-four hours per day.  Our objective is to be an extension of our client.  We believe in comprehensive customer service, which continues throughout our relationship.  We have found paying attention to our clients' unique needs, combined with our web-based technology has resulted in unprecedented customer satisfaction -- a position we strive to maintain daily.